Urban Water Management Plan

The Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) serves as a planning tool for
the city's water utility (which serves all of Lakewood west of the San Gabriel River).

The plan examines the following elements:

  • Projected changes in population and land use, which could increase water demand;
  • Historical water use by water source (i.e., groundwater, import water and recycled
    water supplies) and water customer type;
  • Future water supply and demand projections for the next 20 years based on the
    2020 per capita per day water use target of 99 GPCD required by state mandate;
  • Water conservation efforts including water audits, installation of water saving
    devices and public information programs; and
  • Water shortage contingency plan, which includes the city’s water use prohibitions
    and water conservation planning.

You can review the current Urban Water Management Plan below, as well as the appendices and attachments.

Urban Water Management Plan

2020 Urban Water Management Plan(PDF, 5MB)

UWMP Appendices

Appendix 01_SB X7-7 Tables_2020 Compliance Form(PDF, 725KB)

Appendix 02_SB X7-7 Tables_2015 Verification Form(PDF, 156KB)

Appendix 03_2020 Required UWMP Tables(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 04_Energy Tables(PDF, 644KB)

Appendix 05_2020 AWWA Water Audit(PDF, 3MB)

Appendix 06_2019 AWWA Water Audit(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 07_2018 AWWA Water Audit(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 08_2017 AWWA Water Audit(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 09_2016 AWWA Water Audit(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 10_Urban Water Management Plan Checklist(PDF, 181KB)

UWMP Attachments

Attachment 01_Sample Water Conservation Device & Turf Rebate(PDF, 963KB)

Attachment 02_Central Basin Third Amended Judgment(PDF, 3MB)

Attachment 03_Emergency Public Notification Plan Sanitized(PDF, 193KB)

Attachment 04_Water Conservation Ordinance(PDF, 872KB)

Attachment 05_Residential Water Audit Checklist(PDF, 42KB)

Attachment 06_Business Water Conservation Plan(PDF, 51KB)

Attachment 07_Recycled Water System Expansion Study(PDF, 6MB)

Attachment 08_ Lakewood Utility Bill Insert(PDF, 280KB)

Attachment 09_Lakewood Living Mag(PDF, 3MB)

Attachment 10_Lakewood Connect E-mag(PDF, 2MB)

Attachment 11_Water Waste Door Hanger(PDF, 133KB)

Attachment 12_Water Conservation Brochure(PDF, 727KB)

Attachment 13_Proof of Notification(PDF, 269KB)

Attachment 14_Lakewood 2018 Hazard Mitigation Plan(PDF, 5MB)

Attachment 15_MWD Annual Progress Report 2019(PDF, 6MB)

Attachment 16_Gateway Water Management Authority 2020 Regional Alliance Target Report(PDF, 2MB)