Organics waste recycling for businesses

organic food waste in a small bin

Organic waste is a renewable natural resource. It mainly comes from yard and kitchen waste from homes, and food waste and scraps from industrial and commercial operations.

Mandatory recycling of organic waste is the next step to achieving California's Zero Waste goals.

Frequently asked questions about commercial recycling of organics

Q: Does my business have to recycle organic waste?

A: If your business generates four (4) or more cubic yards of organics per week, then yes, you must recycle according to AB 1826.

Q: How do I know how much organic waste my business generates?

A: The total amount depends on the size of your garbage dumpster and frequency of pickup. To find out, contact EDCO. 

Q: My business is located in a shopping center. Who is responsible for organic recycling, me or the shopping center?

A: Recycling activities are the responsibility of whomever generates the organic waste at your business.

Q: Can our business donate excess edible extras to charities?

A: Yes, there are various organizations that will take un-served edible food such as a Food Finders or other local food banks and charities.

Q: Who should I contact if I need more information or have questions?

A: The City Public Works Department is ready to help you and your business get started recycling, or even improve an existing program. 


How organic waste recycling works

  • EDCO collects organics from your green cart and transports it to a local composting facility.
  • The material is placed in large piles, where microorganisms begin to break it down and heat up the piles to very high temperatures.
  • After about 12 months, the material breaks down and is transformed into an earthy, soil-like material called compost.
  • Compost is used to fertilize plants, gardens and other outdoor areas. 

Avoid can donate food to help others

Don't let food go to waste...donate it!

Food Finders is a nonprofit food recovery organization with the mission of eliminating hunger and food waste while improving nutrition in food-insecure communities.

They support pantries, shelters, agencies, missions and more within a large part of the Southern California region.

Food Finders coordinates all the logistics of picking up and distributing your donated food, delivering same-day to a partner agency within your local area. 

No amount of food is too small or too big, whether it's perishable, nonperishable or prepared food. 

To learn more, call 562-283-1400 or visit