Bids, proposals and planholders

The City of Lakewood uses a competitive bid process for the purchase of supplies and equipment and for the construction of Public Works Projects.

CUPCCAA Contractor Pre-Qualification Application

The Public Works Department of the City of Lakewood invites interested contractors to complete a Contractor’s Pre-Qualification Application to be placed on the City of Lakewood’s 2024 Qualified Contractor’s list.

This list is designed so contractors can receive “Notice Inviting Bids” for informal projects under $200,000 in their work category, per California Public Contract Code Section 22034.

Only qualified contractors will be added to the 2024 Qualified Contractors list. Those who wish to participate in the City of Lakewood public bid process shall fill out the online form in advance of bidding:

CUPCCAA Pre-Qualification Application

Open Requests for Proposals or Notices Inviting Bids will be posted below when available. 

Bid Results are also posted upon completion of the bidding process.