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Lakewood water: At your service

Lakewood Water Rebate ProgramNewwater turn-ons and billing concerns
562-866-9771, extension2630

TheAdministrative ServicesDepartment customer servicecounter staffcan help your city water or trash bill.The can start water service, take a report of a water leak, or close your water and trash account.

The City of Lakewood optional online bill payment service is free to customers and covers bi-monthly refuse pickup and water charges. Residents can self-enroll now for the secure service at www.lakewoodcity.org/onlinebillpay and begin paying with either a debit or credit card or checking account.

Be waterwise in Lakewood CaliforniaWaterrepair, shut-offs
562-866-9771, extension 2700

To report a water leak, call the Water Resources Department at 562-866-9771, extension 2700. After business hours, call 562-866-9771 and follow the automated instructions to page an on-call staff member.

Water in Eastern Lakewood

The Golden State Water Company, a private water company, serves residents who live east of the San Gabriel River. To request water service from them call 800-999-4033,customerservice@gswater.com.

Water quality, rusty water

Water may occasionally become discolored or rusty due to water main breaks, damage to a fire hydrant, or after water mains are flushed. These problems usually show up in your home as discolored or rusty water from your faucet or shower.

his water merely contains sediments and rust due to sudden changes in pressure in the system. Do not drink this water. Do not wash clothes because the rust may cause stains.

If your water is rusty or discolored, or if your laundry shows signs of rust stains, call the Water Resources Department at 562-866-9771, 2700.

Water conservation

Winter, spring and summer . . . Limited rainfall means that water conservation is important. Fortunately, most water conservation habits require almost nothing but conviction and a little common sense.
Click to learn more about conservation in Lakewood

Water Rebate Program
562-866-9771, extension 2700

Lakewood's water is continually tested to meet state and federal water quality standards. The city publishes a comprehensive water quality report for residents each year. Click for related information.

Links to water saving!
News ImageCalifornia's water agencies want you to reduce your water use and they have the tools to help! Lakewood Online has gathered a collection of links to common sense water conservation information. It's "waterwise" to find ways to conserve daily as our state struggles through a drought that officials say is likely to last a few more years. More . . .

Public Health Goals Compliance Report 2007-2009
News ImageThe California Health and Safety Code requires water utilities serving over 10,000 service connections to analyze the water quality sample data from the previous three years and compare the results to the Public Health Goals (PHG) established by the Cal-EPA's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). Water utilities with sampling results that exceed a PHG, based on average of all sample data collected for each constituent must prepare a report and hold a public hearing to discuss the findings.

Lakewood water and water quality information.
Section UL
 City of Lakewood Water Quality Report for 2013 (2.64 MB)
 Click for information on the Smart Gardener program (199 KB)
 Golden State Water Company Link: Serving a portion of eastern Lakewood (link)
 Golden State Water Company Water Quality Report (1.15 MB)
 Lakewood Urban Water Management Plan 2010 - Large, slow download (link)
 Public Health Goals Compliance Report 2007-2009 (81.9 KB)
Storm water, urban runoff-related documents
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 Storm water and urban runoff: Concrete and mortar project best practices (66.2 KB)
 Storm water and urban runoff: Pet waste and water quality - Doo the right thing (62.4 KB)
 Storm water and urban runoff: Power washing brochure, mobile and surface cleaning best practices (59.3 KB)
Device rebate forms documents
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 Device rebate documents: Form, FAQs and device list (434.8 KB)
 Water rebate coupon (44.3 KB)
Learning sources and links
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 Bewaterwise.com 'Garden Spot' (link)
 Eco-Gardener workshops and information (link)
 Smart Gardener workshops and information (link)
 State of California drought information (link)
Turf program planning documents and forms
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 Turf removal rebate documents (2.13 MB)