Water Wise Rebates

Lakewood California Water Rebate Program

Saving Water Pays in Lakewood

Lakewood water customers can earn up to $915 in credit on their water bill if they take advantage of Lakewood’s outdoor water conservation program. And, installing water-saving irrigation devices is a “gift that keeps on giving.” Roughly calculated, over a year’s time a typical Lakewood home might save anywhere from $40 to $65 a year on their water bills once the devices are in use.

Two types of rebates are available. One is for installation of water-saving devices; the other is for “turf removal”--the replacement of existing grass with low water-use landscaping.

Plus, residents who use modern “rotor sprinklers” that meet a 70% efficiency standard or a drip irrigation system with emitters producing no more than two gallons per hour (such as those included in this Lakewood rebate program) are exempt from the 2014 state-mandated water conservation restrictions on the amount of time and days that yards can be watered.

Water-saving rotor sprinkler.FAQs



Outdoor Water-Saving Device Rebates

Homeowners can earn over $100 toward the cost of items like modern water-saving rotor sprinkler heads, hose end timers, drip irrigation kits, irrigation timers and drip-line emitters. Residents need only purchase items listed on the approved device list and install them.

It’s easy, just purchase and install any of the approved water-saving devices, then submit the original receipt and a completed application form. A listing of approved water-saving devices, rebate application form and FAQs are online in the FAQs listed above.

A rebate will be awarded after a water department inspector verifies the devices are in use. Once approved, the customer will receive a notice of approval. The rebate will appear as a credit on the property’s next water bill.

Shop Lakewood and save more

Device rebate shoppers who “Shop Lakewood” can receive additional savings if they purchase approved water-saving devices in town! Just visit the Shop Lakewood website at www.lakewoodcity.org/waterrebatecoupon, print the official coupon and include it with the device rebate application and original receipt.

Turf removal project can save hundreds

Water conservation in LakewoodThirsty lawns are a big reason most residences use 70% of their water outside on their yards. Installing new water-wise landscaping, irrigation and water-permeable surfaces can earn a property up to $800 in rebates from the Lakewood Department of Water Resources. Residents can save $1 for each square foot of turf removed by applying for a Turf Removal Rebate. Projects must be approved BEFORE a yard makeover begins. Sample plans, application forms and FAQs in link above.

The pre-application packet contains helpful tips on how to describe your project and the Water Resources Department’s approval process. Homeowners can plan their own project or get help from a landscaper, but all projects must be pre-approved before any work begins.

In the “pre-application” you’ll describe the changes to your yard. You’ll need to:

  • Photograph the project area before you remove any existing grass;
  • Calculate the square footage of the project area;
  • Make a list of the plant material, ground cover and irrigation methods to be installed;
  • Draw a simple sketch of the yard that contains the project measurements, plants, ground cover and irrigation; and
  • Complete the pre-application form.

Draft project sketch show large area of lawn slated for removal.
Mail the pre-application, photos and drawing to the City of Lakewood Department of Water Resources for review and approval. The department will review your project within 2 weeks of receipt. Once approved, you will receive additional instructions for submitting the request for the rebate upon the completion of the project.

Once an approved project is completed, and the rebate application is submitted, a water department expert will verify whether the project meets program guidelines and a rebate will be issued.

The rebate does not cover the installation of artificial turf. It is not an allowable alternative to grass in the City of Lakewood Department of Water Resources Turf Removal Rebate Program.

Getting started, getting help, planning

There are two free resources for learning how to do complete yard makeovers. They are the Los Angeles County “Smart Gardener” program at 1-888-CLEANLA, and the Water Replenishment District’s “Eco Gardener” workshop series at 562-275-4234. Offerings are similar and the county program has an added bonus of offering compost units at a discount rate. Learn more about both at www.lakewoodcity.org/smartgardener.