Selecting Water-Wise Plants and Landscaping

Lakewood water-wise homeLakewood residents can benefit from looking at the water-saving ideas of other Lakewood area homeowners.

Photos highlight water-wise Lakewood homes

Photographs of Lakewood water-wise homes offer design insights for creative landscaping, hardscaping and irrigation.

Follow this link to over 60 photographs of more than a dozen Lakewood homes using efficient irrigation and drought-tolerant landscaping.

Click for a CityTV video on gardening tips and design ideas. Practical and cost-conscious water-saving landscapes and vegetable gardening options along with the use of water rebates are discussed.

Additional water-saving options Lakewood homeowners can consider

Modern rotor sprinkers save water when used correctly.Some good information can be gleaned from our neighbors at the Long Beach Water Department. Below are six designs created by a local landscape designer. They are intended to help homeowners formulate yard plans that deal well with our semi-arid climate.

These designs are intended to help residents learn what they can flexibly do with plant choices and landscape layouts. For example, if the plan calls for one type of sage, you can substitute just about any of the many species of sage that are available; or if the plan calls for a flagstone walkway but your porch is made of brick, simply substitute the latter for the walkway material.