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LYS: Lakewood Youth Sports Progam

Opening day for LYS is in June each year.Lakewood Youth Sports consists of a variety of sports opportunities throughout the year for boys and girls ages 6-17 years. Participants register individually and are placed on teams organized at Lakewood parks. All teams are coached by volunteers. Emphasis is placed on participation rather than competitive achievement. Coaches promise their support of sportsmanship and respect by signing the Coach’s Goals and Objectives pledge. The LYS ETHICS pledge encourages a positive attitude and behavior by parents to insure the appropriate atmosphere for children’s sports.

For current sign up dates please call the city Recreation and Community Services Department at (562) 866-9771 ext. 2408 during city hall business hours.

Baseball / Softball / T-ball

Coaches play a huge role in their work with kids.Baseball, softball and t-ball rules and equipment are modified to create ideal playing conditions for young players.

  • Baseball for boys ages 8-15
  • Softball for girls ages 8-17
  • T-ball for boys and girls ages 6-7

Registration: mid-May
Season: June through mid-August

Flag Football

Flag football uses speed and agility with appropriate safety considerations for a fast game on a 60-yard field.

  • Flag football for boys ages 8-15
  • Non-competitive Smurf division for boys and girls ages 6-7

Registration: late August
Season:  late September through mid-November


Volleytennis is a fast-paced game played with a volleyball on a volleyball court with a tennis-height net.

  • Volleytennis for girls ages 8-15

Registration: late August
Season: late September through mid-November


LYS basketballLYS basketball games are played on outdoor courts at Lakewood parks with adjustable baskets and rules variations based on age divisions.

  • Basketball for boys and girls ages 8-17
  • Non-competitive Smurf division for boys and girls ages 6-7

Registration:  late November
Season: January through mid-March

Cross country

Come to our Runner's Retreat and get into the sport of cross country.  We'll prepare you for the rigors of competing at the next level by teaching technique and form when participating in distance running.  All participants may attend the annual Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation (SCMAF) Cross Country Championships held in early December each year.

  • For boys and girls ages 6-15
  • Runner's Retreat is held on Wednesdays from 4-5:00 p.m. at Del Valle Park during October and November
  • This is a free event

Track and field

The annual Track and Field Championships is the first meet in a series culminating with the Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation Championships. The meets consist of a range of running race distances and jumping and throwing events.

  • Track and Field competition for boys and girls ages 6-15
    Park teams begin workouts in February
  • Annual Lakewood meet during spring vacation week for public schools Qualifiers advance to regional meet, then southern California finals

Other sports opportunities

Area sports organizations offer additional sport opportunities in and around the Lakewood area. Below is a listing of the organizations, their season and sign-up months. The City of Lakewood keeps an up-to-date listing of contacts for these various organizations.
For the current contact person please call 562-866-9771, extension 2408.

League seasons and sign-up dates 


League Seasons


Sign-Up Dates


August – January



Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Baseball February - August 5-18 January

Heartwell Fast Pitch

March – June



Heartwell Pony Colt

February – July



Lakewood Aquatics

Year Round



Lakewood Little League

March – June



Lkwd Pacific

Junior Football

and Cheer

Aug. - Dec.




Pop Warner

Football & Cheer

Aug. – Dec.



Lkwd Village Little League

Feb.– July



East Long Beach

Pony Baseball






Lakewood Youth Sports
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