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Senior and Human Services

DASH Transit provides senior mobility
Lakewood Dash Transit vanPlay profile on Lakewood StationCityTV channel 31 created this profile on Dash Transit -- a program keeping Lakewood seniors on-the-go. DASH offers a convenient and easy alternative for active senior citizens and disabled adults who can't drive themselves to events and functions. The service is designed for seniors and disabled adults to help them get around town.

Visit the Weingart Senior Center
News Image The Weingart Senior Center, located near the corner of Lakewood and Candlewood, is full of activities and services for seniors.
A hub of activity: The Weingart Senior Center

Air conditioned facilities provide heat relief for seniors
Triple-digit temperatures are hitting Southern California early this year. Older residents can feel more distress from heat and humidity and often have fewer options for beating the heat. The City of Lakewood wants to remind seniors that the air-conditioned Weingart Senior Center is a comfortable oasis, especially during the hottest time of the day--from noon to 4:00 p.m.

Seniors can use the free DASH Transit service as transportation to Weingart if they can't drive or don't have a ride. For more information on DASH call 562-924-0149.


Good Advice: Tips for teens, parents, seniors from the State Bar Association
News ImageA series of informative booklets covering the special legal needs of teens, parents, and seniors has been released by the California State Bar Association.

The easy-to-follow guides answer the legal questions teens face when they turn 18, as well as the legal issues that many seniors discover as they grow older.

The "A-Z Guide for Parents" from the State Bar examines laws specifically pertaining to youngsters.

Get hearing help at Weingart Senior Center
News ImageLakewood residents can get a firsthand look at devices that help the hearing impaired at the Weingart Senior Center on the third Friday of each month. Between 10:00 a.m. and noon. the Long Beach/Lakewood chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America will be available with information.

A hub of activity: The Weingart Senior Center
News ImageThe Weingart Senior Center, located near the corner of Lakewood and Candlewood, is full of activities and services for seniors.

Senior Services
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The City of Lakewood’s senior center is located at 5220 Oliva Avenue, Lakewood. The Weingart Senior Center offers recreational activities for adults age 50 or older.


Recreation and Community Services class catalogs, sign-up forms, permission slips etc.
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Activity Zone Schedules - Park Programs
Afterschool Park Programs -- Daily Schedules and Special Dates of Park Programs for kids
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Fitness trails
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RCS Sports
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 Mayfair Gym "Free Play" Sports Programs: Schedule updates, closures (202.8 KB)
Lakewood Adult Sports
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 Adult Softball Rules - Summer 2014 (206.5 KB)
Adult Sports Registration Information
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 Adult Softball Rules (420.1 KB)
 Adult Sports Waiver for Minors (172.4 KB)
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Adult Sports Schedules
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 Friday Men's Slow Pitch - Summer 2014 (167.7 KB)
 Periodic Closures at Mayfair High School Gym - No Free Play (203.1 KB)
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Adult Sports Standings
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Lakewood Youth Sports
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 LYS Special Olympics Softball Schedule 2014 (90.6 KB)
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Room Rentals, Banquet Facilities and Picnic Shelters Forms
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 Application and Agreement for Use of Picnic Shelter (107.5 KB)
 Application and Agreement for Use of Recreation Facilities (149.4 KB)
 Facility Rental Brochure (513.3 KB)
 Picnic shelter and facilities brochure (1.33 MB)
 Pool Application (139.1 KB)
 The Centre at Sycamore Plaza 5000 Clark Avenue Lakewood Ca 90712 (1.35 MB)
 The Centre sampler menu from TGIS Catering (190.5 KB)
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 Volunteering brochure: Opportunities and contact information (50.9 KB)