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Lakewood orga­nizes recreation pro­grams for residents of all ages. Programs for kids and adults are conveniently scheduled including Tot Lots, after-school centers and Lakewood Youth Sports. Adult sports and activity programs abound for working adults and seniors.

For seniors, we operate two community centers where resi­dents can have fun, take classes, and receive supportive advice on social services -- one includes facilities for seniors to get a nutritious lunch.

Popular community events include Pan American Fiesta, Patriot Day, Concerts in the Park, the Block Party and Halloween Carnivals that bring Lakewood residents together and create a sense of community in our sometimes fast-paced and busy world. There is also a range of "family fun" events specifically created for families to gather and enjoy an event or activity as a group.

Since Lakewood’s founding in the early 1950s, the city government and residents have taken great pride in creating beautiful parks and wholesome recreational opportunities for local youth. That commit­ment is alive and well today. Lakewood has dedicated staff tak­ing care of its parks daily, ensuring they are in the best possible condition. Some cities facing tough budget situations have had to eliminate daily staff­ing at parks, leaving them open to abuse.

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