Lakewood Beautiful Home Awards

Lakewood Beautiful Home Awards

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Lakewood Beautiful nominations run from March through June. Now in its 34th year, the Lakewood Beautiful Home Awards honor Lakewood homes that reflect a special “pride of ownership” in property upkeep, landscaping and other general appearance.

Studies show that home upkeep and beautification efforts by caring, committed residents keep crime rates low and property values healthy, thereby benefitting everyone in a city.
Residents can view a slide show of past Distinguished Recognition honorees at to see examples of award-winning homes and gardens.

After the Lakewood Beautiful submission deadline, photos are taken by a professional photographer of the street-facing portion of each nominated home and yard. A panel including an architect and landscape designer then reviews the photos and determines if the nominated home will be recognized. Awards are given in the categories of Distinguished Recognition and Honorable Mention.

In addition, Lakewood Beautiful nominees also have an opportunity to be recognized for their efforts to reduce water use. Nominees who have invested in drought-tolerant landscaping and/or water-saving irrigation methods are invited to enter to also receive a Lakewood Beautiful Water-Wise Award.

With drought always a concern in our area, now is the time to look for ways to make your yard more water efficient as well as beautiful. The Water Replenishment District of Southern California offers free eco-gardener classes to help residents save water and improve their gardens. Call 562-275-4215 for more information or visit

Between March and July, use the online form to identify potential nominees in your neighborhood for the Lakewood Beautiful and Water-Wise Awards. Nominations of Lakewood’s best-looking homes can be made online at, or by calling city hall at 562-866-9771, extension 2160.

What does it take to be ‘Lakewood Beautiful’?

Lakewood Beautiful judges aren’t looking for the most expensive or elaborately landscaped homes. Past winners’ homes were distinguished not just by attractive style, but for displaying exceptional care and pride of ownership, such as:

• Neat, clean and well-maintained exterior
• Landscaping design of front yard and parkway in harmony and balance with home
• Good use of plant variety, texture, color
• Attention to detail
• Overall consistent care of property and landscaping

Water-wise winners are selected from among the Lakewood Beautiful honorees. Excellent candidates for this award would be homes that include many of these features in their front yards:

• Plants grouped according to water needs
• Drought-tolerant or native plants
• Use of low-water-use irrigation system
• Minimal turf in landscaping
• Water-permeable ground covering and hardscape