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Spay & neuter, vaccination and pet care

Southeast Area Animal Control Authority

9777 SEAACA Street, Downey,CA

SEAACA is Lakewood's animal control agency.

Spay and neuter services

SEAACA (South East Area Animal Control Agency) is a strong proponent of altering animals to prevent more litters of animals. Pet overpopulation is the leading cause of death for dogs and cats. Shelters are overburdened with too many homeless animals. Every litter born reduces the chances for other animals to find homes.

Low cost spaying and neutering services are abundantly available. Residents should check the Internet for a qualified veterinarian near their home. 

Call one of SEAACA's partners, the Spay and Neuter Project for addition information on this topic, 562-942-2640. Review their website at http://www.snpla.org/

Spayed and neutered pets are:

  • Healthier, so you save on the cost of vet care
  • Have better temperaments
  • Less prone to bite or act aggressively
  • Less likely to roam the neighborhood, run away, or get into fights
  • More affectionate companions
  • Naturally protective of their family
  • Unlikely to spray and mark territory
  • Never in heat, never pregnant, never giving birth to an unwanted litter
  • Qualify for reduced license fee each year

Pets adopted from SEAACA

SEAACA's Veterinary Division monitors and maintains the health of all animals sheltered at their Animal Care Center. When dogs, cats and rabbits are adopted, SEAACA spays and neuters them before they go home or sets an appointment for the adopted animal to be altered at a future date. The altering is included in the adoption fees.

In addition, SEAACA provides routine aftercare for adopted animals for 21 days after adoption. There may be a charge for some medications. New owners are responsible for emergency medical care or after hour veterinarian services after the adoption.

'Bow Wow and Meow Days' events each summer for licensing and vaccinations

Pets are an important part of many Lakewood households. To assist pets and their owners, the City of Lakewood in conjunction with SEAACA organizes "Bow Wow and Meow Day" events held 2-3 times during the summer months on weekday evenings and weekend days.

There are usually two to three sessions offering easy one-stop events for pet licensing, vaccinations at a discount, and micro chipping. Flea control products and information regarding low-cost spaying/neutering, and health care for dogs and cats will be available.

Check the Lakewood Online
news, calendar and event profiles pages for current information on upcoming Bow Wow and Meow Days. Or, call or email Customer Service at 562-866-9771, extension 2140.

Animal Wellness Clinic

All owners and their animals can come to SEAACA Tuesday through Saturday for the vaccination clinic which provides low-cost vaccinations for dogs and cats. Hours are posted on this site.

SEAACA is located at
9777 SEAACA Street, Downey. Their phone is 562-803-3301. Website at: www.seaaca.org. Contact SEAACA for the hours of their shelter, licensing service and vaccination clinic.