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Parking, parking permits and street sweeping

Contesting and paying a citation
News ImageAny registered owner or person in control of a vehicle has the right to contest the issuance of a City of Lakewood parking citation. If you believe a citation issued to your vehicle is invalid, you may request an administrative review. Please adhere to time limits and use the official forms.

Parking in Lakewood
News ImageLakewood enforces California's "72" hour law. The law prevents vehicles from being parked and left unmoved on city streets for more than 72 continuous hours.

All streets have parking limitations on street sweeping days. The city enforces parking restrictions on all sweeping days, even when sweeping is curtailed by wet weather.


Why is it illegal to park on the sidewalk?
News ImageAll sidewalks must be kept clear of vehicles to ensure a safe pedestrian right-of-way. Pedestrians, especially those with walking sticks, in wheelchairs, and with strollers, should be able to travel a sidewalk without ever having to go into the street.