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Lakewood Connect service accounts and status tracking
News ImageLakewood Connect offers service accounts that let customers request service and then track the status of their request: www.lakewoodcity.org/service.

Requests can be made without logging in by using our main customer service form or special topic forms like the graffiti report form. Always, customers can call a service request representative at 562-866-9771, extension 2140 during city business hours.

Service look-up gives instant information
News ImageEasy access to address-specific info is the goal of the Services by address look-up page. http://www.lakewoodcity.org/ServicesbyAddress. Find your Lakewood trash day, street sweeping day/time, ZIP Code, school district, water service provider, and zoning designations.

Video: Customer service tips on street lights
News ImageCityTV channel 31 offers City of Lakewood customers a detailed look at street lights and gives tips on getting them fixed more quickly.

Resident calls are a big help. This video outlines several service guidelines that will help expedite repairs. Click for video

Street lights in the city are made up of fixtures maintained by the Edison Company and maintained by City Light and Power (a contractor to the City of Lakewood).

Click to report a light out or call 562-866-9771, extension 2140.

Video: Graffiti removal is a top priority
News ImageA combination of reports by vigilant residents and active city crews helps limit graffiti eyesores in the city. This webcast from CityTV Channel 31  gives insight into the teamwork that gets the job done.

Graffiti removal from fences and walls visible from the street is a free city service. Residents can even get it removed from private property if a permission waiver is on file at city hall for the specific property.

Contact us!
News ImageReaching a "live person" for help is a key to Lakewood's service philosophy. There are also some convenient 24/7 service options.

Lakewood service staff can be contacted by:

Visiting city hall at 5050 Clark Avenue 
Phoning 562-866-9771, extension 2140
Use online forms here at Lakewood Online
Lakewood Sheriff's Station 562-623-3500 (Non-emergency calls)

Online forms and 'PDF' forms help meet service needs
News ImageThe effectiveness of Lakewood customer service delivery is enhanced by a collection of online forms targeted at the city's most requested services. Acrobat PDF (portable document format) forms are also available for instances where hard copy paper forms and signatures are necessary.

Click for Lakewood's main service form
Lakewood Connect
Service Center

Practical service tips and contacts.
Answers to frequently asked questions about popular services.
Links to most popular service info on Lakewood Online.

Service forms & documents
Service forms, permission forms for graffiti removal waiver etc.
Section UL
 Graffiti Waiver Form - Commercial Properties Only (264 KB)
 Graffiti Waiver Form - Residential Properties Only (13.1 KB)
 Lakewood Service Guide (2.44 MB)
Flood Control/Flood Insurance
Flood Control/Flood Insurance forms and letters, LOMR
Section UL
 FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Map Index - 9/26/08 (3.22 MB)
 FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Panel #1960F (1 of 3) - 9/26/08 (1.61 MB)
 FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Panel #1980F (2 of 3) - 9/26/08 (1.78 MB)
 FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Panel #2000F (3 of 3) - 9/26/08 (1.06 MB)
 FEMA Letter of Map Correction (LOMC) - 9/26/08 (291.2 KB)
 FEMA Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) Insurance Policy Holder Instructions - 1/03/02 (135.6 KB)
 FEMA Letter of Map Revision for Lakewood (LOMR) - 1/11/02 (291.1 KB)
 FEMA National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Notice - 3/10/00 (52.4 KB)
Planning and Building
Planning and building related forms for home improvements and remodeling projects. Also includes development documents
Section UL
 Application for Variance Instructions, Form (56.9 KB)
 California Contractors State License Board Info & Links (link)
 Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Application Form (82.2 KB)
 Development Review Board Application (41.8 KB)
 Environment Information Form (98.6 KB)
 General Plan Amendment (82.8 KB)
 Joint Use Parking Agreement (JUPA) Application (89.2 KB)
 Lot Line Adjustment Form (111.8 KB)
 Municipal Code (link)
 Neighbor consent form for fencing (49 KB)
 Sewer permit application (62.1 KB)
 Subdivision Form (Tentative Map) (58 KB)
 Temporary Sign Permit (29.4 KB)
 Water Conservation in Landscaping Rules, Regulations and Procedures (262 KB)
 Zoning Change Petition (32 KB)
 Zoning Change Petition Form (72.4 KB)
 Zoning Code Amendment (12.1 KB)
 Zoning Map (link)
Building and Safety Forms, Applications
Section UL
 Building Permit Application Form (312.1 KB)
 Electrical Permit Application Form (58.1 KB)
 Mechanical Permit Application Form (43.9 KB)
 Notice to Property Owner of submission of building permit in their name (89.6 KB)
 Owner-Builder and Licensed Contractor Declaration Form (61.1 KB)
 Plumbing Permit Application Form (48.5 KB)
Census Data
Census data regarding Lakewood.
Section UL
 1980-1990 Census: Comparison of demographic data from 1980 and 1990 (57 KB)
 2000 Census: Lakewood Population Profile (587.1 KB)
 2000 Census: Lakewood Socio-Economic Profile (102.6 KB)
 2000 Census: Quick Facts For Lakewood (78.3 KB)
 2010 Census: Quick Facts For Lakewood (36.5 KB)
 2010 Census: Tracts Map (link)
 2011 Community Profile Of The City Of Lakewood (2.63 MB)
Fair Housing
Section UL
 Flyer - Know your housing rights (36.2 KB)
 Flyer - We can help (105.7 KB)
 WWW Resource: HUD - Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Office (link)
Home Improvement/Remodeling/DRB
Section UL
 Answers to Questions: Know your housing rights (36.2 KB)
 Answers to Questions: We can help! (107.1 KB)
 Answers to Questions: When do I need a building permit? (22.3 KB)
 Answers to Questions: Who can obtain a building permit? (25.1 KB)
 Application Single Layer Gypsum Board (684 KB)
 Application Water Resistant Gypsum Shower Areas (477.9 KB)
 Attached Open Patio Info (1.21 MB)
 DRB Handbook Commercial (2.88 MB)
 DRB Handbook Multiple Family Residential (3.73 MB)
 DRB Handbook Signs (2.74 MB)
 DRB Handbook Single-Family Residential (2.17 MB)
 Electrical Details (897.4 KB)
 Emergency Escape Requirements for Sleeping Rooms in R-1 & R-3 Occupancies (120.8 KB)
 Fireplace (580.8 KB)
 Homeowners FYI (590.3 KB)
 Homes recognized by Lakewood Beautiful Home Awards 2010 (link)
 House Framing Details (1.59 MB)
 Lakewood Beautiful Distinguished Recognition Home 2012 (link)
 Plumbing Details (393.3 KB)
 Sample Plot Plan (48.7 KB)
 Solar Panel Policy (96.3 KB)
 Standard Wall Details (1.45 MB)
 Swimming Pool Fencing Requirements (48.9 KB)
 Typical Installation FAU In Attic (1.49 MB)
 Typical Water Heater In Shed - Requirements (387.2 KB)
Lakewood Beautiful Awards program
Lakewood Beautiful Awards program.
Section UL
 2013 Lakewood Beautiful Home Awards homes (13.01 MB)
Purchasing - Doing business with the City of Lakewood
Section UL
 Business License Application, instructions, fee schedule (289.8 KB)
 Business License Information Change Form (17 KB)
 Carnival Permit Application (1.29 MB)
 Film Permit Application (2.2 MB)
 Home-based Business Supplement Form (32.5 KB)
 Massage Therapy Application (688.4 KB)
 Permit Application (18.2 KB)
 Purchasing: Supplier registration form (93.2 KB)
 Solicitor's Application (365 KB)
 Special Event Permit Application (1.29 MB)
 Subcontractor List (68.5 KB)
 Transient Occupancy Tax Form (148.3 KB)
 Utility Users Tax exemption application form (Water/Refuse) (240.7 KB)
Street Sweeping
Section UL
 01 FAQs Street Sweeping Parking Restrictions, Maps (1 MB)
 01 Map for the Monday Sweep Area (926.2 KB)
 02 Map for the Tuesday Sweep Area (954.9 KB)
 03 Map for the Wednesday Sweep Area (872.9 KB)
 04 Map for the Thursday Sweep Area (659.2 KB)
 05 Map for the Friday Sweep Area (961.1 KB)
 Video Clip: Street sweeper effectiveness and parked vehicles (link)