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Parking tips for street-sweeping day...and every day

Parking tips for street-sweeping day...and every day

Street sweeping keeps Lakewood’s neighborhoods clean and safe, but does require observance of parking rules to avoid tickets.

“Street-sweeping and parking rules are necessary for a safe, orderly and enjoyable life in a community,” said Assistant to the City Manager Paolo Beltran. “I grew up in Lakewood, and I don’t want any of our residents to get parking tickets.

“The most common question we’re asked is why Lakewood sweeps both sides of a street on the same day,” said Beltran. "The reason is that it provides a cleaner sweep of the street. When only one side of a street is swept on one day, it allows trash and leaves on the dirty side to blow over to the clean side of the street and escape pick up. Sweeping on alternate days on alternate sides of the streets also would require the costly installation of hundreds of visually-unappealing signs in every neighborhood.”

Here are some tips about the parking rules on street-sweeping day:

  • Do you have more cars than can fit in your driveway and garage? Parking is allowed on the front and side lawns on street-sweeping day only. 
  • Parking (on any day) is allowed on the apron, which is the sloped area between the street and the sidewalk leading up to your driveway. Your vehicle can overhang onto the parkway at either end of the apron, but not the sidewalk. 
  • Citations are only issued when a vehicle is immediately in the way of the sweeper. (Citation-writing cars follow directly behind the sweeper.) That means you can park on the street before and after the sweeper passes your home, even if you are parked during the hours listed on the no-parking signs in your neighborhood.
  • Don’t block or overhang onto the sidewalk. When parking in your driveway or the apron on any day of the week, including street-sweeping day, it is important to not block or overhang onto the sidewalk. That creates a dangerous obstruction for pedestrians and violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and state parking laws.

Street-sweeping is cancelled when city staff determines it is raining enough that water is pooling or flowing in gutters throughout a neighborhood, which prevents effective sweeping. (Sweeping still occurs during a light sprinkle.)

In the case of a rain cancelation, sweeping in that neighborhood is postponed until the regular sweeping day the following week. For example, the cancelation of a Friday sweep means the next sweep in that neighborhood is the following Friday. No sweeping-related parking citations are issued on rain cancelation days.

If you have any questions, please contact Lakewood customer service staff at 562-866-9771, extension 2140 or at