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Changes coming to your utility billing process for trash service

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A letter dated September 25 was sent to every Lakewood resident regarding the new process and the next steps to take. This provides the same information as the letter. 

Beginning October 23, 2017, the City of Lakewood will begin issuing trash utility bills with the assistance of FATHOM--the city's new billing and customer service contractor.

This change is designed to improve service to Lakewood customers, which is a top priority of our city. FATHOM has a U.S.-based call center with more staff to answer calls more quickly than Lakewood's call center.

At the City of Lakewood, we want to minimize any inconvenience to you during this transition. Below is important information on the next steps you can expect in this process. 

EDCO will still provide trash service

Trash service will continue to be provided by EDCO Waste Services. For questions about your trash and recycling service, such as needing new carts, reporting a trash skip, or requesting a bulky item pickup, please continue to contact EDCO at 562-531-3054 or

New account number for your bill

The most important change on your new bill will be your new account number (example:  0000123456-001234567).

If you want to access your new account even before you get your first new bill, you can do so by going to AFTER the October 23, 2017 system transition date.

Click on the link "What is my new account number?" and fill out the required fields.

Changes to online bill pay

You will continue to have three methods to pay your bill electronically. Please note the changes needed to the method you use:

1. Credit card payment through the City of Lakewood Online Bill Pay System: If you use auto-pay or manually pay each billing period with a credit/debit card, you will need to re-enroll using your new account number.

You can re-enroll at when you get your first new Lakewood bill from FATHOM or any time after October 23, 2017.

2. Checking account (ACH) payment through the City of Lakewood Online Bill Pay System: If you use auto-pay or manually pay each billing period with your checking account (also known as ACH), your account information will be automatically transferred to the new system, and you will NOT have to re-enroll.

3. Payment through your own bank's bill pay system: You will need to go to your bank's bill pay system and set up the City of Lakewood as a new payee AND reference your new account number in your bank's system.

New payment by phone option

You will have the new convenient option of making a payment over the telephone.

Instructions for doing that or for signing up for online bill pay for the first time will come with your first new Lakewood bill from FATHOM coming after October 23, 2017.

Online account management

After you receive your first new bill, you will be able to manage your account online via the new, upgraded City of Lakewood-FATHOM "U2You" customer portal where you can access payment history, account information, bill reprints and online bill payments.

We are here to help

At the City of Lakewood, we are excited about our new billing and customer service partnership with FATHOM. We believe that Lakewood residents will receive top-notch, enhanced customer service and improved information about water usage.

We apologize in advance for the time and effort it will take to make any online bill pay changes to your account, and we appreciate your understanding as we make this transition.

Click here for a help list of frequently asked questions and a sample of what the new trash bill will look like.

If you ever have any questions about the service from FATHOM, we want to know. Please contact Lakewood City Hall staff at 562-866-9771, extension 2140 or email us at