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Lions Club and Bloomfield Animal Hospital are among recent "I Made A Difference" honorees

Mayor Piazza honors the Lakewood Lions Club and Bloomfield Animal Hospital for making a difference

In the past year, Mayor Ron Piazza and Lakewood City Council Members have honored over 800 residents and business community members who have made a positive difference in Lakewood by providing them with a  small token of the city’s appreciation—a lapel pin with the Lakewood logo and the words “I Made A Difference.”

Among the most recent recipients of the pins were the members of the Lakewood Lions Club, a group that provides non-profit service to the community, including vision assistance to low-income people and support for Meals On Wheels. The Lakewood Lions Club recently celebrated its 75th anniversary, making it one of the oldest Lions Clubs in California. Click to view a Lakewood CityTV short video about the Lakewood Lions Club and their projects and history in our city.

The staff of the Bloomfield Animal Hospital (shown in the photo) were also recently honored with ‘I Made A Difference’ pins. “Bloomfield Animal Hospital gives a lot to our community,” said Mayor Piazza, “such as free food every week for the pets of Meals on Wheels clients, and an annual free Pet Vaccine Clinic for low-income seniors. They are one of the many wonderful businesses and residents who make a positive difference day-in and day-out in Lakewood.”

“If you know of someone who has contributed to the betterment of our community—in a big or small way--let us know,” said Piazza. Nominees might do it through volunteer efforts, professional work, or simply being a good neighbor. Go to or call 562-866-9771 extension 3123 and provide a few details.