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Holiday pet adoption made easy by SEAACA

Holiday pet adoption made easy by SEAACA

Holiday surprises can be wonderful, but Lakewood’s pet experts say the best way to bring a furry companion into the family involves the recipient in the process. Helping someone pick a pet that’s the perfect fit is the best way to start a relationship that lasts for years—and it gives a good home to an animal in need.

“Instead of surprising someone with a ‘sentient being,’ surprise him or her with the ‘idea’ of adopting an animal companion,” said Executive Director Sally Hazzard of the South East Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA). “Do it by giving the person an item that their new pet will need and a card about your intentions. Then, bring them to SEAACA and let THEM make their personal pick.”

SEAACA's "Happy Pawlidays" special makes it even more affordable for your gift recipient to choose that special pet. From December 12, 2017 through January 6, 2018, adoption fees are discounted 50% for all dogs and cats one year and older. See the flyer at  

SEAACA allows adopters to spend time with available animals and have highly trained adoption counselors to help find the right match of preferences like lifestyle, age, size and pet personality. Seniors may find a mature, trained dog more to their liking, while a family with children may enjoy raising a puppy or kitten.

SEAACA experts warn that many gifted pets sadly wind up on animal shelter doorsteps following the holidays. Involving the recipient gets the right pet in the right home.

Fees for dogs and cats typically include spaying and neutering, vaccination and permanent-ID microchip. Rabbits are also spayed or neutered for their well-being and best behavior.

SEAACA is located at 9777 SEAACA Street in nearby Downey. Contact them at 562-803-3301 and,