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‘Vacation check program’ puts more eyes on your home for peace of mind

‘Vacation check program’ puts more eyes on your home for peace of mind

During the holiday season Lakewood Station is encouraging residents to call the station to report anything unusual.

“See something, Say something" is huge in helping them be proactive in stopping property crimes like home burglaries and people breaking into cars. Residents should call the Lakewood Sheriff Station’s 24-hour business line at 562-623-3500 without hesitation to report anything out of the ordinary.

Deputies also suggest residents call to use the station’s “vacation check" program. Letting the station know you’ll be gone and what patrol staff should look for is another key way to keep your home and property safe.

“Giving the station common-sense telltale signs like how many cars should be in the driveway, and which lights should be on helps deputies and Volunteers on Patrol know if something is out of place,” says Kaitlin Osborn who helps coordinate Lakewood’s Neighborhood Watch program.    

“Keeping your block captain and close neighbors in the loop is important, too,” says Osborn. “They can all be on the lookout for suspicious activity around your home while you’re away. And, they’ll be especially sensitive to what’s normal on your block.”

Making your home look occupied is a key to vacation preparation. Put timers on interior lights and a radio on a talk station, request a stop on your mail and newspapers, or have a friend or a trusted neighbor pick them up. Consider having a friend or family member “house sit” if you are gone for more than a few days.

The city’s crime prevention unit has brochures on how to harden your home to thwart burglars. For additional information, call them at 562-866-9771, extension 2114.