Planet Lakewood, Green Living

Green Living in LakewoodLakewood's green goals reflect the community's need for water conservation, greenhouse gas reduction, sustainable use of natural resources, and preservation of the environment.

Going green starts with simple things: water conservation and protection, recycling and waste reduction, wise energy use, and caring for the quality of life in your neighborhood.

On a daily basis the city's curbside collection system helps make our city better. EDCO Waste and Recycling Services picks up trash, recyclable materials, green waste (lawn clippings and garden refuse) in an environmentally sound manner and helps Lakewood's 26,000 households meet ever-stricter state environmental goals.

The city's water rebate program encourages the regular use of water-saving devices and elimination of water-hungry turf. Regional "Smart Gardener" and "Eco Gardener" programs are encouraged to help homeowners get more effective "green thumbs" and save resources. In the early 1990's the Lakewood City Council adopted a comprehensive water conservation plan that maximizes the use of reclaimed water for landscape irrigation and sets water conservation standards for homeowners and businesses.

Lakewood also regularly monitors urban runoff and promotes hazardous waste and e-waste dropoff programs. along with offering free used-oil recycling kits, battery and sharps containers. We also promote the six permanent household hazardous waste/e-waste collection centers in the regional the state-of-art dump transfer station operated in Signal Hill by EDCO.